Fluid Thinking. Solid Solutions.

Founded in 1972 in Southern California, Klune Industries has been offering end-to-end solutions for aerospace and defense for over 40 years. Our goal was to build the brand image of Klune as a global partner and management resource whose engineering innovation and manufacturing best practices make them a preferred provider of parts and OEM products.

The Strength of Innovation

Klune is exact, detailed, strong and engineered. A unique and artistic aspect of metalforming was evident in their daily operations, but their existing image innacurately portrayed their corporate reach and services as outdated and easily forgettable. Seeking a larger presence in the massive metals market space, we set out to successfully dimished the negative delta between the Klune collaterals and the actual Klune performance.


our approach was to improve their global aesthetic using precision-themed elements and layouts. We employed the use of a consistent color theory that uses strong, solid tones to suggest strength and depth. The new logo design conveys speed, direction & motion; silhouetting an initial ‘K’ outline, and referencing the three-clans from founder Jim Clune’s Irish heritage.

Brand Strategy

The existing Klune Brand Communication Model has focused on the mid-tier aspects of the process, product and service; and was missing the inclusion of a Brand Umbrella Strategy. We needed to employ a brand communication model that followed a strategic hierarchy. Part of the transition was moving away from a “parts & pieces” representation of their products, into more contextual settings and placements. This helped to portray the larger picture of what the individual parts helped to create.

The heart of the Klune company is the ability to transform. Pushing technology and empowering people to risk &
reach to the next level. The founders held a deep appreciation of the ability to forge a bond between mankind and materials. This pioneering spirit allowed Klune to explore the artistic aspects of engineering while always delivering the tightest tolerances in the industry. This is how their tagline emerged. Fluid thinking. Solid Solutions.

Product Photography

Klune Industries pioneered the metalforming processes used in the fabrication of the RATTLRS missile. The temperatures achieved during supersonic and hypersonic flight exceed tolerances for most metals, only Klune’s advanced capabilites and extensive knowledge of exotic metals allowed them to exclusively build the machines needed to deliver the tightest specifications for this application of advanced weaponry. Shown Below – RTTLRS Hypersonic Missile

Corporate Website

The complete redesign of their corporate website allowed suppliers and customers easy access to all information. Utilizing drop-down menus and featured content areas, we were able to cleanly list over 120 possible click- through destinations from the homepage, with minimal clutter and an aesthetically pleasing branded design.

Powerpoint Deck

Executives at Klune realized their first line of exposure with customers was often through their powerpoint presentations. We set out to deliver a highly refined and customized deck which provided them increased customer confidence, and as their first customer touchpoint, served to establish the Klune brand as a capable top-tier provider.

Corporate Portraits

The Clune family and executive team were photographed and included in select marketing materials to reinforce the people-driven aspect of this approachable and powerful company.

Factory Tours

An important part of this industry is factory tours. We helped implement a tour strategy which guided the visitor on a path through key-points in buildings and the shop floor. Large environmental banners were hung above the stations which would help to visualize the end result of the ‘widgets’ being made. This perception of the destination is an immense value to otherwise bland machinery and parts.

Project Details


Logo design
Tagline Creation
Brand Look & Feel

Brand Standards
Visual Style Guide
Competitor Research


User Experience Design
Website Design
Motion Graphics
Digital Video & Editing
Livery / Vehicle Graphics
Signage Systems
Corporate Stationery
Corporate Brochure & Reports
PowerPoint Presentations


Aerospace Engineering



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