Laguna College of Art + Design

Great Art Matters

Established in 1961, the Laguna College of Art + Design operates with a clear mission: To prepare men and women for careers as creative artists and design professionals in a culturally rich and ethnically diverse world through a curriculum that emphasizes the importance of classical training, digital excellence, and critical thinking.

Brand Evolution

The original logo (originally designed in the late 1990’s) was in need of a refresh due to the technological advancements taking place within the school, along with a need for relevance to attract future students.

Great art matters and transforms

During our brand workouts, a very simple and profound message was crafted – “Great art matters and transforms civilizations”, this message was the unifying tie between the faculty, their efforts, and their core beliefs. It spoke to both figurative and traditional art theory, and it separated LCAD from traditional art schools. We further shortened this message into their tagline which captures the beauty of everything LCAD stands for – “Great Art Matters.”

This message was the brand driver which provided the direction for all of LCAD’s brand advertising, media and communications going forward.

Guiding Principles

There are 3 guiding principles behind the LCAD brand which explain what they are all about:

Intimate reflects the small student to teacher ratio in the classroom, the first-name basis in which we address one another, and the idea that our students are not just a number. Intimate also speaks to our location nestled in the canyon, the wilderness and the community of Laguna Beach.

Artistic represents the business that we are in as an art & design school. It reflects the unique creativity that occurs at LCAD.

Limitless represents LCAD’s innovation in technology, the flexibility across programs, and because there is no boundary to what can be achieved.

Recruitment Catalogs

Attracting students and showcasing the artwork being produced at the school is the main goal of the recruitment catalogs for LCAD. These booklets are design intensive and highly creative. Employing special printing techniques and utilizing the finest papers, these catalogs are the pinnacle representations of the quality and standards of the institute.

2012/13 Viewbook

96 pages

2014/15 Viewbook

88 pages

2017/18 Viewbook

108 pages

Campus Touchpoints

Extending the brand to posters, and event flyers throughout campus and college sponsored events

Digital Recruitment

We built a powerful and expandable template based website for LCAD. The content management system was hand coded using WordPress and utilized advanced programming to secure every facet. The end result was a highly customizable website that was updated daily by over 40 faculty and staff members. Most of the users having little to no knowledge of WordPress, we ran training workshops and guided them until they were confident enough to begin posting and updating their sections on their own. Over the past 5 years, we are happy to report that the site has had zero downtime. (yes, even with 40+ users)


Signage and banners used to reinforce the brand throughout the various campus locations

Project Details


Logo Design
Tagline Creation
Look & Feel
Brand Standards
Visual Style Guide


Catalog Design
Website Design
Environmental Design
Corporate Stationery
Signage & Wayfinding
Collateral Templates
Video Animation
Marketing Materials


Higher Learning
Private Education